About Us

At PLabs, we enable manufacturing companies to achieve never before accuracy, productivity and surface quality while opening up new doors for making them more environmentally sustainable. Through our intense R&D and testing, we have come up with Polysite™ – a novel, sustainable material with excellent damping properties that absorbs vibration even during high speed machining operations, improving the quality of machined product and increasing the life of the cutting tools. Polysite™ can be readily plugged into any machine tools converting them into high-speed monsters.

Why PLabs

Vibration Control

Polysite™ offers ten times higher vibration damping properties than cast iron and steel that contributes to improving the accuracy of machined part and increasing the life of the cutting tool.

Tailor-made Solutions

We offer customized solutions according to the customer's needs. The solutions include structural parts that can be retrofitted into existing and new machine tools.

Quicker Value Delivery

Polysite™ can be manufactured within a couple of weeks due to cold casting process, enabling quick value delivery to the customers.


The dangerous CO2 emission from existing casting process is eliminated by 2/3 making Polysite™ a sustainable option.

Market Sectors

Industries who strive to develop sustainable systems.

Machine Tools

Rotatory Equipment


Contact Us

Address : Teknikringen 1, KTH Main Campus, Stockholm, Sweden 114 28

Phone : +46 763-427-964

Email : contact-us@plabs.in

Please mail or call us for personal contact. During Corona times we will arrange virtual meetings and demos.